Chapter 2

Common Sense for America, by Don Hunt

Section I


“What You Believe About Yourself You Will Soon Confess Aloud and, in Due Season, You Will Become.”

Nutritionists have proven that the quality and quantity of foods we place in our mouths, determine the vitality, energy and health our bodies will experience. The same relationship is true of our senses and how they affect our minds. The mind, emotions and will of an individual operate just like a computer. our five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch feed information into our computer. The mind then recalls this information when a decision is to be made.

Emotions are also stored in our mind’s computer. Each emotion is attached to the information that was taken in with it. When your mind recalls something positive or negative someone said about you, a feeling of exhilaration or sadness arises in you. This process controls what we finally believe about ourselves. Our beliefs, in due season, will be expressed in words. Actions always follow words. Thus, what we believe about ourselves we will soon confess and, eventually, we will become. There is life and death in the power of the tongue!

Now let’s suppose you and I spend a lot of time watching TV, reading the newspaper and listening to the news. What type of information are we taking into our mind? Think about it: we are taking in information that makes us feel depressed. Wars are everywhere! Crime, drugs, famous people doing scandalous things; that’s the news. How often are we informed of positive news?

Let’s not blame the media—it’s not their fault! They’re doing a great job at what they do. Remember, in order for any business to make a profit, they have to give the customer what they want. And we in America seem to thrive on the latest tragic news, the big scandals, and so forth. It seems we really enjoy seeing the rich and famous crash and burn.

We  must make a choice and act on it if we truly desire to be all we can be. Just as an athlete places only healthy portions of food in his or her mouth in order to accomplish a goal, we must permit only healthy, positive ideas, thoughts and emotions to enter our minds. What we think upon we become!

Somehow, we have come to believe the only way a person could have attained success was by doing something dishonest, or by simply being lucky. This is not true! Millions of individuals all over the world have traveled the road to success by using only the tools of hard work, and a desire to fill or serve the needs of others. Today, the opportunities for success are better than ever, but only for those who make a commitment to do something to take advantage of them.

May I ask a question? Where are we to get our guidance, encouragement and motivation for success if most of our time is spent filling our minds and emotions with pictures and thoughts of wrong doing, pain and misery? An hour a week in church will not do it! To be a success we must feel good about ourselves! This means we must think and focus on good things.

We must stop filling our minds with negatives and start looking for positives in each situation. Negative thinking leads a person to constantly criticize those around them.

Why? For one reason: they have low self-esteem! Without realizing it, they have a need to bring others down to lift up their own ideas and self-worth. In truth, a person who constantly criticizes is like a fountain spewing out a poison that kills everything it touches. Thus, they continue to fail!

Our television talk shows, for the most part, discuss great topics. They could be a wonderful opportunity for our citizens to hear both sides of an issue. However, many times it’s difficult to hear what either side is saying because both are talking at the same time. We must learn to state our position intelligently, not sell it as if it were a bar of soap. Let the listener be free to make his or her decision. That’s freedom’s way!

The time has come for us to stand up and stop listening to those who do nothing but criticize. A creative, dynamic individual, with a good mind and ideas on how to solve problems is a leader who doesn’t have time or energy to waste worrying about what someone else is doing. Criticizing is a habit we all need to break. it poisons our inner being. the more negatives we focus on, the more we speak them aloud. success comes from action and counting your blessings!

Freedom principle # 2

“What You Believe About Yourself You Will Soon Confess Aloud and, in Due Season, You Will Become.”


In time of trial, where did president Roosevelt look for help?


“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself… We face arduous days that lie before us in the warm courage of national unity; with the clear consciousness of seeking old and precious moral values… In this dedication of a nation, we humbly ask the blessings of God. May He protect each and everyone of us! May He guide me in the days to come!”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
32nd president of the United States
Given March 4th, 1933, as America was just entering the Great Depression.