Don Hunt

Don Hunt lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Barbara of fifty two years. They have four children, along with five lovely grandchildren.

Raised in the food business, educated at Vanderbilt University on a football scholarship, Don and his three brothers, with a tremendous team, have built a multimillion dollar pizza business with over 6,200 outlets in twenty eight states. (see

Don admits in his early business years that he was totally self-centered, totally selfish. His only desire was to be a millionaire. After building a large business, he lost it all. His conclusion was… “I planted seeds of selfishness and reaped a harvest of pain and loss.

In 1989, the four Hunt Brothers, Don, Lonnie, Jim and Charles, started a new pizza company based on these  two Godly Principles.

• They decided to have total faith in God’s love for their needs.

• They set out to use their abilities to help meet the needs of others.

These two principles have not only produced a life of abundance and goodwill, but the brothers believe when you apply these principles in your daily life, as you understand them, if isn’t long before many of your lemons begin to turn into lemonade.

Don feels a personal relationship with God eliminates fear and opens a love relationship. He declares this is  not religion, but spirituality. Don’s new book, Common Sense for America combines these two principles with the difficult problems we face today and offers possible solutions. Most of all, it urges you to stand up for what you believe!