Recent polls in America tell us that at least seventy-eight percent of Americans believe in God. This means a possible twenty-two percent either do not believe in God or have unanswered questions concerning a higher power or supreme being. The fact that our citizens can express their beliefs is one sign of the freedom in which we live. We must never forget—we are all one hundred percent Americans!

In this book you will find ideas that you may or may not approve of, that’s okay! however, this book was not written to tell you what to believe or do, but rather to guide you to think about pathways to restore America, its people, its flag and its respect back to the glory days of yesteryear.

Let me make this very clear. In most cases we would like to put the blame on other people, political parties, the media; anyone beside ourselves. the truth is … you and I are to blame for the mess we are in!

The reality is that, as Americans, we have lost the path that each individual must walk in order to keep basic principles of individual freedom strong in their personal life and the life of our country.

There’s no reason to address our mistakes in this book. I feel if you are reading this book, you are probably a very perceptive individual, and able to see the various ways we have gone astray. In this book, we will discuss various topics that together we must resolve. Only then can we have a rebirth of America with an atmosphere of liberty and justice for all.

Here at the start, let me say that I am not a preacher! The principles I discuss may sound like “God talk” at times, but in my business and personal life I have learned the hard way that we are all seed planters. Like the farmers that till our soil, what we sow, good or bad, we reap many times over. In many ways, America is reaping a harvest from the bad seeds we have all planted by not standing up for the basic principles our forefathers believed and practiced.

We’ve permitted selfishness and greed to slowly change our way of life, under the cloak of “individual freedom”; a lie once disclosed, must be rejected or we will all perish from within. The greatest terrorist to the American way of life lies in our own apathetic attitudes.

This book will point the way to the restoration of our true freedoms. Let me make myself very clear right now: no one has to give up what they beLieve.

The very opposite is true! This book will assist in solidifying what each reader believes and it is my desire to move the reader to be willing to stand up for that belief.

One of our biggest problems today is most of us do not take the time to study the facts. As a result, we rarely make a decision based on what we do or don’t believe. Many of us simply do not think for ourselves anymore. We allow the modern media to determine our beliefs and establish our opinions for us.

Another reason for our passive attitude may be that as individuals, we may feel at times that some in the media or many of our leaders have hidden agendas when reporting or speaking about the facts. If you have this opinion, you may feel you have no real information on which to base your decision or choices. This mistrust always leads to a feeling of hopelessness. Past history has proven that when you have only a few thinkers … and a lot of followers … it isn’t long before you have tyranny instead of democracy. I do not want this to happen to my children, grandchildren, or this great country we live in. How about you?

As you read this book, to truly understand it, keep these basic principles in mind; they are the very foundation of our freedoms.

1. We are a republic! The World book dictionary says a republic is a nation or state in which citizens elect representatives to manage the government.

2. We are a democracy!  The World book dictionary says a democracy is a government that is run by the people who live under it. In a democracy, the public rules either directly through meetings that all may attend, such as town meetings, or indirectly through the election of certain representatives who attend to the business of running the government.

3. Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, distinguished from a government ruled by and for a particular privileged class, political power or religious body.

4. Democracy is the treatment of others as one’s equal. (according to the dictionary, it seems our democracy may be going astray).

The pathway to true democracy is rule by the people. this means lobbyists and any who would influence life in a Democracy should use their persuasion on citizen voters, and not on elected representatives. in fact, you could say that lobbyists who try to influence elected officials are stealing the rights of citizens, and should be punished accordingly. It is important to remember God gave each of us a free will! We have the right to vote as we choose, as well as to try to encourage others to see the value in voting a certain way.

Once the majority’s decision has been determined by our votes, then the decision has been made! If I feel the decision unjust, (for example if my state votes in favor of abortion and i am morally against it), then according to a book written thousands of years ago, “We are to come out from among them, less we suffer the same fate as they will.” In other words, I need to pack up and move to another state if I feel that strongly about it.

  We should never take the right of free will from an individual, or group of individuals; Choice is a God-inherent right!

America’s Heritage

Back when our country was first settled, individuals from various countries brought their beliefs, cultures and native languages with them. Did this create problems as various groups intermingled with each other? Sure it did! they encountered the same problems we have today in America when new cultures come to our country with different beliefs, customs, and languages we do not understand.

The early settlers had all types of religious and social problems with the various groups that arrived on our shores. Many groups, even those from England, could not always agree on methods or styles of worship or government.

Yet, somehow, by some means … whether thought out, or through Godly design … they eventually began to speak one language, developed one main culture, and evolved into the greatest and most powerful nation the world has ever known. a nation admired by all other countries until recently.

What has happened to us? Let’s be honest—we are the problem! Unless we admit it, we will never recover the greatness we once enjoyed. For the purpose of this book, I have entitled the steps of this recovery, “rebirth of a nation.”

In any birth, there’s always pain. Yet when new life comes forth all pain is forgotten. bringing about a rebirth of our nation will be painful in many ways for each of us. How painful, will be determined by how selfish and how self-centered we are individually, socially, and politically. please read that sentence again!

The process begins and expands with one individual at a time. It starts with you … and with me. Our faith in what we believe will start to be transferred to those around us. Soon the majority in America will be thirsting for the rights and justice our constitution demands.

Now, let’s look at the five basic principles we must incorporate into our personal and national life in order to recover our true democratic heritage.

Preface, Common Sense for America