Questions Considered

Wisdom of those Who have Gone Before Us

  • What happens when good people go to sleep?…Edmund Burke
  • What was the foundation of his success?….Martin Luther king
  • In time of trial, where did he look for help? …Franklin Delano Roosevelt 
  • How is a nation blessed? …Proverbs 11:11
  • How can our thoughts, words and actions destroy the prosperity of our nation? … George Washington
  • What is the purpose of education?…Harvard University (1642)   
  • Where do the rights of men come from?…John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  • How does a nation lose it’s glory?… Ronald Reagan
  • May we really expect God to heal our country? …2 Chronicles 7:14 
  • What action can stop America from enduring? ….Pope John Paul II
  • What is the foundation of all freedom? …John Adams (1776)
  • What does a foreigner think about America? …..Alex de TocQueville
  • Before his death, what were his thoughts about evolution? …Charles Darwin
  • What were his concerns about America? …Thomas Jefferson (1781)
  • What was the secret of his unique creativity?…George Washington Carver 
  • What “stinking thinking” do many Americans possess? …Abraham Lincoln
  • What gave America its peace and prosperity? …Franklin Delano Roosevelt

QUESTION: What happens when good people go to sleep?

ANSWER:“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

– Edmund Burke